Cloud Linux hosting

Cloud Linux is an add-on to CentOS and allows administrators to get the most out of their existing cPanel hosting environment.

In short, it is a set of kernel tweaks that implement features to enable system administrators to tightly control the use of their server’s resources and isolate users so that problems with one account do not degrade the rest of the server.

As the system relies on distributing server resources in a more disciplined manner among users on the server in order to achieve the principle of fair use of the service among all users on the server.

If a website account is using an unfair amount of resources (eg due to a DDoS attack, or poorly written script, or an increase in traffic, etc), the server will become slow or go down completely, Which affects all other clients on the server.

In traditional hosting we can’t limit RAM, CPU and other resource usage for a given site account.

Finding problematic websites is again a time consuming task and fixing such issues sometimes requires suspending the website accounts that are creating the problems.

Today, with Cloud Linux from Xroot, each site has its own resources that it is not allowed to bypass. If it is bypassed, only the site that has exceeded the resources will stand, and the rest of the sites on the same server will not be affected and will work properly.

Simply allows rational consumption of server resources.

What does Cloud Linux define?

  • Cloud Linux can set the CPU limit
  • The share of RAM consumption
  • The quota of data input and output on the hard disk IO limit
  • Also the number of open connections Entry Processes Limit
  • In addition to specifying the number of inode limit files

By setting these parameters for each user, the user will be logged into the LVE of Cloud Linux, And he will have his own resources that he cannot override under any circumstances.

Security with Exroot Cloud Linux System

cageFS feature that isolates each user from the other and does not allow him to access the files of other users, But also, after the system files that the user is allowed to read, he is allowed to read only without the ability to write. Which makes the hosting environment safe and sound.

Cloud linux features from xroot

1) Dedicated resources for each client

With LVE technology, each customer’s account on a separate site has a separate set of allocated resources such as Memory, CPU, etc. LVE technology ensures that these resources are not shared with any other website accounts.

2) A stable hosting environment
Sudden interruptions of traffic from other website accounts will not mean downtime for any account on the website or the server as a whole. Since each website account has its own private resources which are protected the website continues to run even though there is a sudden spike in server resource usage from other websites hosted on the server.

3) Kernel safe

The CloudLinux kernel helps prevent malicious users from attacking other website accounts hosted on the server.

4) Multiple version of PHP

Cloud linux has a feature called PHP selector. It allows end users to select the exact version of PHP they need. It allows ultimate flexibility by offering all popular versions of PHP, With over 120 PHP plugins to choose from. CloudLinux 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, 5.5, 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, and 7.2 release packages The convenient user interface allows the client to switch between versions, select plugins, and adjust PHP settings.

5) Fixed Mysql database performance

MySQL often becomes a major resource for system administrators in shared hosting environments. Maintaining MySQL stability can be difficult, Also, customer queries can easily slow everything down. The MySQL Governor Feature of Cloud linux helps system administrators identify and clamp down on abusers in real time. Supported by the latest versions of MySQL and MariaDB, You must have any shared host. MySQL Governor tracks CPU IO usage and disk usage per website account in real time and throttles MySQL queries using per-user LVE limits.

With these advanced features and technologies from CloudLinux , Maintaining a stable shared hosting environment gets easier and customers stay happy.

We support Cloud Linux on all shared hosting plans from Xroot.

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