Create ads on Google

Creating ads and campaigns on Google AdWords, Google AdWords campaigns, Google AdWords ad management service, paid PPC advertising campaigns with Exerot, the fastest way to advertise websites and appear in the first results..
We have a work team that carries out advertising work for any client and with any budget, for example, 100 dollars or its multiples, for example
In order for an advertisement for the customer’s website to appear on the first Google home page in the search results for his products or services

For example, a client wants his ad to appear on Google for anyone searching for Egyptian marble in all European countries, Latin America and the Gulf. By God’s command, within two days we will launch a campaign targeting these countries and targeting everyone who searches for the products of this client on Google.

The company makes detailed statistics for the client on the number of times his ad appears on Google, how many people entered his site from the ad, and even the strongest and newest, how many people sent him a message or subscribed to his site – through this advertisement

Google will not hold you accountable for the number of times the ad appears, but will charge you for how many people actually entered your site from the ad, and this is what distinguishes Google in this system.

Create ads on Google

Google Adwords campaigns are one of the fastest ways to make websites popular and spread on the web, and it is the best solution ever in terms of accuracy of results. You can reach your site or product to your target customers with extreme accuracy.
Google Ads Management Service (Paid campaigns) Google Adwords (Google Ads) with its new name is one of the services of Xroot, as we at Xroot manage campaigns for clients for 25% of the value of the amount specified for the campaign with the lowest campaign being $200, reports are sent at the end of each campaign with details based on reports Google, what are the words that have been targeted! , the countries, countries or region that have been targeted! The number of visits and telephone calls made through the campaign, the amount spent in the advertisement, etc…
Google AdWords are paid advertisements and the appearance of your site and product in the search results of Google in return for paying an amount in return for appearing on the first search results.

Creating ads on Google Ads

We at Exerot can help you create ads and campaigns on Google AdWords (now known as Google Ads), It is a powerful online advertising tool that allows you to reach a target audience, increase your brand awareness and increase sales.

Here are the main steps to creating a Google Ads campaign:

  1. determining the goal: Before you start campaign creation, You must clearly define your goals. Are you aiming to increase traffic to your website, or increase product sales, Or increase your brand awareness?
  2. Keyword selection: Find keywords associated with your products or services. Make sure to choose the most popular words that your target audience could search for.
  3. Create ads: Create attractive and clear advertisements that effectively express your products or services. Ads must have a compelling title, an engaging content description, and a link that directs visitors to the target page.
  4. Budgeting and Bidding: Decide on the daily or monthly budget that you want to invest in your campaign. then, Set the bid value for keywords, This is the amount you are willing to pay for each click on your ad.
  5. Performance monitoring and analysis: Monitor and analyze your Google Ads campaign performance using available reporting tools. Review your clicks, conversion rates, CPC, and other performance indicators to measure and improve the success of your campaign.
  6. Campaign optimization: Based on the analytics and data you collect, Optimize your campaign by adjusting keywords, ad text optimization, And experiment with different bidding to achieve better performance.
  7. Trials and tests: Run experiments and tests to measure and improve the effectiveness of your ads. Experiment with different types of ads and target different audiences to see which strategy works best.
  8. continuous improvement: Continue to monitor and improve your Google Ads campaign. Learn from data and analytics and keep improving and adjusting your strategies as needed.

using Google Ads, Reach a wide audience and achieve effective advertising results. If you need help creating a Google Ads campaign, We can provide you with the necessary advice and support at Exerot.

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