If you have a page for your business and you have products and services and you want to promote and advertise them as soon as possible in order to achieve results and increase your profits.

Advantages of advertising on Facebook

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With Xroot, the best e-marketing company on the Internet, we do:

  1. Preparing a work plan based on data obtained from the client and setting goals for managing the account or advertising through it.
  2. Managing social media pages, following them up, and communicating with the client’s target audience, in coordination between the company and the client.
  3. Designing the required promotional materials according to the set plan, the topics presented, and the proposed targeting.
  4. Creating the written content of the topics published on the accounts agreed to be managed.
  5. Create advertisements for an event, offer, or advertise a specific product/service for the benefit of the customer.
  6. Following up on the developments of the account from audience interactions and adjusting the plans and budget used according to the statistics shown in the account compared to the set goals to reach the highest possible achievement rate.
  7. Provide reports on the accounts that the company manages for the benefit of the client on a monthly basis. Or for all personalized ads.
  8. Following up on customers and responding to them through the account agreed upon to be managed, and in the event that the customer needs to complete communication with customers by phone or directly to complete the sale process, this is done by agreement between the two parties, and a percentage of the sales is determined for this additional role.
  9. Determine the budget for paid advertisements according to the client’s data and the objectives to be achieved, or according to the budget specified by the client.
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About managing Facebook and Instagram ads in xroot

Why Facebook and Instagram ads from xroot

Facebook is currently the leading social media platform in the world. With over a billion active users each month, It provides companies with huge potential to reach their target audience.

What are the ad formats on Facebook that you specialize in?

In order to help achieve better ad performance, We specialize in native ads, interstitial ads, banner ads, and live broadcast videos.

What is the difference between GOOGLE ADS and FACEBOOK ADS? Are they the same?

no. Google ads and Facebook ads differ in the way they target people. Facebook often targets people based on their interests. Facebook keeps track of their users’ profiles, Any Interests they added recently, the pages you liked, and so on. Google Ads targets what users are typing into the search bar at that moment.

What is the ideal Facebook advertising budget?

The main question is what is your entire marketing budget? at present , Determining your budget consists in determining the format and targeting of ads on Facebook and Instagram. For more information, talk to a sales representative about pricing.