Your ad on Google means profits for your business

Why choose xroot to manage your ads

Our Google Ads management team knows how to take advantage of the most effective tools that this powerful paid advertising platform has to offer.

The Xroot Ads team helps you save your budget by optimizing your ad and monitoring it throughout the day to achieve the return for what you paid in ads.

We make sure that the Google ad is targeted to bring you more targeted visits to your website to achieve a potential customer or customer for your online store.

We have a previous work of advertising clients until they became their partners in success and achieving more profits.

We manage your Google Ads account professionally and prepare targeted advertising plans for you to achieve the goal of the advertisement.

Face competitors without fear, as we study all the cases and expectations of competitors and provide you with a strategy for advertising competition against them.

We hold a meeting with our clients and study their online project and its objective before we start making ads, and we will give you a report from our marketing experts.

We have a team of designers and advertising content writers to prepare your ad before starting Google ads from Exroot.

We help ensure continued success by identifying the right keywords for search and access by your target customers on an ongoing basis.

Why Google Ads?

  • spread
    Reach a huge number of potential clients in no time.
  • Continuous communication with your customers – Always remind your customers of your presence by showing them ads.
  • Advertising management
    We create and manage ads for you to ensure access to the largest number and lowest cost.
  • Set your budget –
    There is no set budget to get started with Google Ads. You can also set a maximum monthly budget and ensure that it is never exceeded…
  • mobile audience –
    What is the easiest way to reach customers who use their mobile phones through Google Ads?
  • Statistics and reports
    We monitor the progress of your ads on Google and provide you with statistics and reports.

About Google Ads Management in Exrot

What is the cost of xroot to manage Google Ads?

Our xroot Google Ads management fee is a percentage of your monthly budget. You can contact us through WhatsApp or the contact methods on the website for more accurate pricing details.

What is the meaning of managing Google ads provided by Exrot?

Google Ads Manager from xroot will help you to run an effective marketing campaign. There is no point in choosing generic keywords for an ad campaign, It hopes to convert visitors into buyers. Keyword research is very important. And once you do that, You can be sure of a more productive marketing strategy.

How do you target your ads?

Geotargeting is one of the most important ways to target your ads. This means creating an attractive advertisement that will appeal to a specific segment of the population, Be it local, national or international. By optimizing your marketing efforts in this way, People who are attracted to your ad will be more willing to follow the link to your site. This is one way to weed out curiosity seekers from genuine buyers.

i already have an account, Can you manage it?

Yes , Our team can submit a Google Ad review to see what kinds of improvements can be made to your ad campaign.