Search engine optimization consulting services

Be number one on Google by using the appropriate search word. Grab Google

What is the purpose of requesting an employee on a monthly basis to improve the level of search words?

The Xroot SEO team consists of staff who specialize in keyword planning, search for keywords, and user experience, website audits, online competition analysis, copywriting, improve the internal linking structure, and more.

Its goal is to always be number one on Google by catching certain search words that will cause strong visits to your site or potential customers for your business project on the Internet …

How will my site look like on the search engines? And how many words can I grab to be on the first page of Google?

This depends on your budget. Exerot will provide you with a set of options that may be useful for your work in choosing the appropriate search words based on your budget to get more targeted visits according to your field….

What is the appropriate cost in general to start improving the search words on my site and get targeted visits?

Clearly, we start analyzing your website or online store based on the electronic content on your site, as well as the strength of the domain and ease of use, etc.
Approximately we start with a plan starting from 3000 – 5000 EGP per month during the first three months period in which we process and strengthen the search words and then determine the appropriate search words that will bring you a lot of visits and profits or potential clients…

Does xroot include the results on the first page?

We have a team of technical SEO specialists with over 10 years of experience. But we guarantee that within 6 months you will get the search results in at least 50% of the words on the first 5 pages on Google.

Does SEO include content writing?

We do not say to write the content but we do review and proofread the content and give you very clear instructions on what changes to implement on your site and what content is required…

How long will I have to pay a monthly fee for SEO?

It is natural for you to reach the stage of reaching potential customers and targeting them in a strong and fruitful way for you and achieving more profits, and in exchange for that, you will pay part of your profits to stick to the results on the first page …