Get targeted visitors to your business through search engines

Your website on the Google search engine is your platform for displaying your services or products. In Exerot, we do some work aimed at making you appear on the search engines on the first pages appropriately. and in advanced places in the search pages, To reach you the target visitor for the services you provide or even the products you sell.

How can the exroot team help you?

The achievements of the SEO team are as impressive as they are diverse: from doing SEO archiving work for small stores to going global :), we build your brand identity on the Internet by building your brand name among your competitors on the pages of search engines. Our success comes from the diversity of our fields: computer sites, stories and anecdotes, news, medicine, corporate sites, and others…

Technical SEO work

We work on your site by examining special software, To ensure that search engines are able to discover, crawl and index your web pages effectively and properly, we do two parts in our technical work on your site “website programming and design” to bring your site to the maximum degree of configuration in line with all search engines.

Keywords and market study

We study the general market for your field, And study the competitors controlling the maximum amount of your market, and accordingly, the business plan is determined by choosing the appropriate research words for your field and your business market, After a detailed study, we make predictions for the results of our work within a specific period of time. None of the expected results are based on our years of experience, so we do not make promises that cannot be fulfilled.

We define your goal accurately

We help you define your SEO goals and develop a realistic strategy with you. You may have internal marketing teams that need support and guidance, Or you may need us to be your complete SEO team. We work both ways and recommend the best method.

Building backlinks

Link building is an old term for internet marketing. Often forgotten or not given the level of experience and time it deserves, But links are still the primary signal used in scoring. Link building today includes content marketing, PR, and communication to get people talking about your brand.

Is your site penalized by Google?

We have a team of the best SEO officials with many years of experience exceeding 9 years, And he went through all kinds of updates and punishments, whether it was on the internal site level in terms of building content, codes and special skims, or on the external level in terms of building annoying links that led to the punishment of the site. In both cases, we can deal with and solve all kinds of penalties.

SEO on page work

We analyze your website’s architecture, internal structure, and other key elements that are weighted by search engine algorithms to provide recommendations for better relevancy and alignment in targeting your keywords. We advise on all aspects of SEO, We configure individual pages, all pages, or the content structure of pages appropriately.

Awareness & Branding

Even the most extraordinary content can be lost on the web today.Our SEO outreach team connects your brand and curated content with top influencers across the internet to get people talking about you and sharing your business.

Public relations

We have developed close relationships and connections with some of the most trusted publishers, bloggers, journalists and influencers in various industries and sectors across the globe. They rely on our brands for unique perspectives, opinion and timely content so you’ll have access to the most popular Page and most recognizable public figures talking about your project.

Content marketing

The backbone of any marketing campaign is compelling content and our team of creatives, Including writers, designers and developers, Many brands to speak in the mainstream media, to leading industry publications and blogs.

Why do you rely on xroot to do archiving work for your site?

Basic archiving plans are suitable for small and new sites and are good for improving the appearance of your site on search engines.

Monthly advanced archiving plans are for sites that require monthly follow-up and have strong competition on search engines.

Keyword targeting plans are suitable for sites that want to bring visitors through specific words through search sites.

Writing articles from Xroot is suitable for sites with weak content that need to write targeted professional content to make the site easier to appear on search engines and requires subscribing to the basic plan before starting writing articles if your site is new.

We guarantee that you will appear on the first pages of Google, because we are distinguished.

Our results are professional and proven in the long run.

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