1 processor
The RAM space is 2 GB
The space is 20 GB?
4 terabyte data transfer
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VPS Large
4 processor
The RAM space is 16 GB
The space is 80 GB?
Data transfer 20 terabytes
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8 processor
The RAM space is 32 GB
The space is 200 GB?
Data transfer 50 terabytes
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About virtual server plans

Features of VPS virtual servers

  • All virtual server plans are fully managed through xroot.
  • Servers are hosted on the finest, best and latest types of servers and one of the best data centers in the world.
  • All servers operate with high-speed communication lines and performance, thanks to God, at a speed of 1000 Mbps
  • Free transfer of your sites to the server for free.
  • Free external monthly backup.
  • Ensure presence on the network with an operational rate of 99%.
  • Server processing with setup and protection within a maximum period of 3 working days.