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Browser compatibility

We present to you the design of your site after testing it on popular browsers for the safety of browsing for users.

Using modern technologies

It is one of the factors that help your site succeed in a short period using modern international standards

SEO friendly

We use techniques that make it easier for the search engine to understand the content of the site, so that it can be easily archived.

Responsive designs

Designs compatible with all types of devices, it is the new icon in web design technology.

Compatible with smartphones

Most of the browsing is now on mobile phones. Therefore, we focused our efforts on producing websites with the Responsive feature.

Matching colours

We are keen to choose colors with the client to suit his taste and produce a work that is comfortable for vision.

private identity

We are working on designing a special logo for the site with wonderful ideas that are consistent with the nature of its activity and colors.

Content management panel

It makes it easier for you to manage your site without having to pay additional costs when modifying the content of your site.

Why Xroot to design your site?

  • Website compatible with all devices and mobiles.
  • A website that is responsive to all screen sizes.
  • Warranty against programming and design issues.
  • Infinite number of pages and lists.
  • A control panel to manage the site’s content in all its details.
  • Training to explain the use of the entire control panel.
  • Configuring the site for SEO search engines.
  • Linking the site to WhatsApp and various means of communication.
  • Linking the site to social networks.
  • Add Google Maps.
  • 24/7 support and maintenance.