Google Business Emails 30 GB – Google Business

The company reserves emails on Google’s excellent services. One email has a capacity of 30 GB – $ 6 per month for each single user, with technical support from the company and Google directly. To request the service, please communicate through the requests page from here, or subscribe from Google directly in the event of booking through the company. . The company has a commission of 10% of the total price

For example, if you have 10 users for $6 per month, i.e. $60 per month, the company has the right to 10% of this amount.

Get an email for your business.

Email @yourcompany

Showcase your business and look professional with custom email for your company domain. Create custom email addresses for your team like Ali@yourcompany.

More than just an email

$6 lost

per month user also has 30 GB cloud storage, file sharing, video conferencing, 24/7 support.

Safe and secure

The trustworthy Google servers guarantee 99.9% uptime on your email. Industry-leading security helps you, protection from spam, And automatic backups help protect your business data.

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