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Choosing the appropriate design (clarification of the idea of the software site)

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You can contact us with details through the form below and we will respond to you within a maximum of 24 hours with the required cost

50% of the total contract value is paid and an invoice for the amount is obtained by e-mail, and we have more than one method to suit you in the payment process.. We will provide it to you via e-mail. Or you can even pay online via the following link…

If you have content for your site (for example .. about the company – products – contact us), send it to us and we will insert it for you for free. If you want us to write the content of your site, make us agree with you by specifying the domain of your site and the pages for which you want content according to the agreement.

A test link will be sent to the site for review and approval by the customer, and then the rest of the amount due will be sent to receive the contract, hand over the site data, and train on the control panel to enter the rest of its data …

The training takes place by selecting a program affiliated with the company online or according to the appropriate means in agreement between the client and the company.