Responsive website design

We offer the design of the corporate website with the responsive system, with the latest international design methods
Responsive web design
More than 40% of your visitors (and more than 60%) are now entering from modern devices
Tablets and smart phones
Your site may not open all or some parts of it
Any part of your site designed with Flash – will not appear on Iphone and iPad devices
Because they do not display the flash in the mobile at all
And most Android devices won’t open it either
And all smartphones, even if you open the site, the visitor will have to enlarge the page with his fingers to see the content well
As for the responsive web design, it shows your site on all devices in a manner suitable for each device
Office device – laptop – mobile phone – tablet
It re-divides the page to suit modern devices to suit the fingers and touch screens and does not make an accidental scroll and does not need to enlarge the screen

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