Usage Agreement

Terms of Service

  • The site to be served must not contain material that is immoral or contrary to Islamic law or that deals with religious bias.
  • The administration is not responsible for any agreement that is made without the means of communication on the site.
  • All design and printing services must be paid in full before starting.
  • If you decide to exrot to do any of the other services .. Half of the amount must be paid before starting work
  • The Xroot team will start working as soon as half of the amount is received. You will be notified of all new.
  • During the working period.. We will offer designs or programming to you.. With the possibility of suggesting any amendments that you may request without deviating from the basic idea during this period.
  • The amount cannot be refunded after half-full payment. If work is started or agreed upon.
  • Exerot has the right to amend the terms at any time and without prior notice.

Hosting customer rights

  • We undertake to work on the convenience of the customer and to provide all the services he requests as much as possible and not to spare any effort in order to serve him, and that includes.
  • Inform the client clearly and transparently about the status of the server hosted on it.
  • Provide daily, weekly and monthly backups, And also an external monthly copy in case it is needed, but the backup copy is the full responsibility of the customer, and he must keep backup copies of his site for reference if the need arises, and Xroot is not responsible for the damage of the backup copy due to hacks and additions that cause damage to databases or wrong permissions for folders and files .
  • Providing protection and stability for the servers, with an operating rate of 99.9%, God willing.
  • Xroot does not provide any free technical support for websites, but that is with fees that have been clarified on the site, and we only provide free support for hosting problems, as an example of stopping the site due to hosting.
  • Keeping the client’s personal data complete and in complete confidentiality, and it will not be disclosed to any governmental or international entity without an official letter from that entity. The customer will be notified directly when that information is disclosed to them, unless the matter requires otherwise.
  • Exerot is committed to providing the customer with a full backup copy of his site when he requests it, at any time unless his subscription ends, or he violates this agreement.

Hosting terms

  • It is strictly forbidden for the site to contain any of the following materials: Songs, movies, and everything related to art, pornographic images, hacking programs, teaching hacks, calling for extremism and violence, and everything that contradicts the teachings of our true Islamic religion, the doctrine of the Sunnis and the community, and the systems and laws in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • It is strictly forbidden to use advertising messages or (Spam) messages (junk mail) or (postal dumping), which are internationally prohibited, and it is also forbidden to publish or market them.
  • It is strictly forbidden to attempt defamation or tarnish the company’s reputation, directly or indirectly, or in any way. It is also prohibited to insult the company’s employees or deal with them in an inappropriate manner.
  • In the event that the above-mentioned items are violated, this will result in stopping the site for a period of (3) days, and if the matter is repeated, the site will be closed permanently, and a fine of $50 will be required to receive the backup copy.
  • In the event of discovery of spyware files or cascades within the space or an attempt to penetrate the server or files or programs to damage other sites. In any site, the site is suspended without informing the customer for a period of not less than a week, with a fine of $50 being paid to restart the site. Because the site data and maintaining it is the responsibility of the customer himself, whoever uploaded these shells or malicious programs.
  • The owner of the service is the owner of the account in the customer service center through which the service was requested, and no other person or account has the right to claim any data, services, or inquiries about this service provided by us, and xroot disclaims its full responsibility for any loss The customer of his account data in the customer service center or exposure to theft and the resulting damage to the service provided to the customer.
  • We have the right to amend the prices of the plans and services on our site at any time, and this does not apply to the sites that were booked before the amendment, but it applies to all sites when renewing the subscription.
  • In the event that the specified bandwidth for the site expires, the site is automatically stopped until the beginning of the calendar month, and in the event that the site is desired to open, then an amount of $ 30 is paid to open the site until the end of the month (for a period of one month), or upgrade to a higher data transfer plan, and the customer must verify the size Monthly data transfer used through its site control panel.
  • The customer has the right to consume from the server resources as much as the plan he subscribes to, and in the event that this limit is exceeded, the site is automatically stopped and the customer is asked to know the cause of the problem and solve it within (24) hours or upgrade the plan, and in the event that it is not possible to solve the problem, a backup copy is delivered to the customer and his subscription is terminated .
  • In the event that the customer’s subscription ends, he is notified of this through the company’s automatic reminder system, and in the event of non-payment on the specified date, the site is suspended, and when a request is made to reactivate the service after its expiry or a backup copy of the site, an $80 fine is paid, and the customer has no right to claim By opening the site or a backup copy of it after (10) days have passed since the end of the service.
  • When installing the forums, the code copies are installed. Hosting Xroot does not bear the slightest responsibility in the event that your forum is reported, God forbid.
  • In the event that a notification is received from the information center that there are files, programs or scripts that violate and are not regular, the site will be stopped immediately and the customer will be informed of that in order to delete or license this content.
  • When the customer desires to renew a domain after expiration within a period not exceeding two weeks, a fine of $30 will be paid, and Xroot is not responsible for losing, withdrawing or increasing the value of the domain two weeks after its expiry.
  • Xroot hosting is not liable for damages to your site due to mistakes you make or as a result of server disabling for reasons of force majeure.
  • Technical support is to ensure that the site works throughout the day, and technical support does not include any additions to forums such as sections, hacks, additions, styles, nor the contents of the site such as programs, interfaces, magazines, etc.
  • The customer, after his request to cancel the hosting and transfer his site to another company, is not entitled to return again and demand that his site be reopened on our hosting, except after the service is requested again.

Servers Terms

  • When requesting servers, the initial setup is done for them, and usually this does not include setting up a backup service on the server except at the request of the customer, and when preparing for the backup service on the server, the integrity of the copies and follow-up on taking them periodically is under the full responsibility of the server owner, and the minimalist exrot is not responsible Responsibility for damage to the backup copy due to hacks and additions that cause damage to databases, incorrect permissions for folders and files, or modification to settings, which causes copies not to be taken correctly.
  • Exerot provides management and technical support service to server clients according to the plans subscribed to through the customer service center only, and Exerot is not obligated to provide any technical support service for the servers’ contents of programs, scripts or systems installed on the server or sites by the customer himself, for example but not limited to ( Forum, download centers, blogs, scripts, content management software…etc).
  • In the event that a notification is received from the information center that there are files, programs, or scripts that violate and are not regular, the customer is contacted on his mobile phone registered with us and asked to review us through the customer service center in order to stop the site and inform the customer of this in order to delete or license this content, and the site is not opened until after making sure of Deleting the content or informing us of what proves the completion of the licensing process, and in the event that the customer is late in our review or the site is closed for more than 24 hours from his notification, the server is suspended and a fine of up to 100 dollars is imposed to reopen the server again.
  • It is forbidden for the user to exceed the percentage of consumption of server resources such as memory, processor, disk space, or the amount of data transfer for the specified percentage of available consumption, or the use of server resources that constitutes danger or harm to servers or clients, and Xroot bears no responsibility in the event that the specified percentage of consumption is exceeded due to a slow server. Or stop one of its services or stop the server completely.
  • In the event of a DDOS attack on any VPS server, we will close it immediately, and the customer has the right to request opening the server for a period of 6 hours only to solve the problem or withdraw a backup copy of the sites on the server, and Xroot does not bear any responsibility or provide compensation to the customer in that.
  • When the client of the servers wishes not to renew the service, he must submit a request to cancel the server at least a week before the end of his subscription, and Xroot bears no responsibility for the data contained in the server, whether lost or deleted, in the event that the client’s payment is delayed by more than 24 hours from the date of the end of the subscription.
  • Customers of the servers (after receiving the server) are not entitled to demand cancellation of the service or refund of the amounts paid.

Xroot reserves the right to amend the terms of the Terms of Use and Privacy Agreement at any time. You should check this Agreement periodically for changes